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East India Youth – End Result

Bournemouth’s East India Youth got lots of praise for his debut album “Total Strife Forever” but the 2015 follow up “Culture Of Volume” took things up a notch. This track epitomizes the album with huge drums, tight synths and an almost Marc Almondesque vocal throughout. Enjoy... read more

Air – Venus

French band Air (or “Air, French band” as they portrayed themselves in the early days) have always had a knack at combining haunting synth sounds, beats and vocals. Venus, from the album “Talkie Walkie” is an uber-soundscape and a lovely song. Well done Air, when an album opens with a track like this you know it’s going to be good... read more

Blur – Battle

Driving to work yesterday a fine moment of randomness happened that sent shivers down my spine. Blur’s “Battle” played on my iPhone through the car sound system all the way through to the last note and a split second after that last note, the arpeggiated keyboard intro to The Stranglers’ “Strange Little Girl” started. the two songs blended perfectly and it put me in a great mood. It also reminded me that there were no Blur songs on Music Bore and whilst I would probably have added Trim Trabb as my song of choice, after hearing these two, Battle it had to be. From the awesome album... read more

Malcom McLaren – About Her

Recommended by contributor Tony Mac, this track was featured on the Kill Bill 2 soundtrack and samples both Bessie Smith and The Zombies. It is rather quite haunting. Good shout Tony... read more

Air – J’ai Dormi Sous L’eau

From the 1997 mini-album “Premiers Symptomes”, Air create a soothing analogue soundscape with beats. Complete with vocoded vocals this is the ultimate chill.... read more

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