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Tame Impala – Let It Happen

Whilst searching for previous Tame Impala tracks on Music Bore I was completely shocked to find that there were none. 4 albums in, I guess I better right that wrong so here is the opening track from their 2015 album “Currents”. “Let It Happen” (and in fact the whole album) takes Kevin Parker’s music in a whole new direction, but judging by the reaction of fans at the Liverpool Olympia gig last week, these guys are on the verge of something... read more

Temples – Shelter Song

The only thing I knew of Kettering prior to Temples releasing their debut album was Wicksteed Park – I’d been there as a kid in the 60s and remembered a few big slides and took my own kids there a few years back and it seemed to have grown in to a huge theme park! Maybe the park is the backdrop for Temples sound, probably not. When I first heard this song I expected them to be from Australia and was pleasantly surprised that the sound was from near to my birth town. Enjoy the Jingle... read more

The Flaming Lips – My Own Planet

In the days before they discovered their Yeah Yeah Yeah, Flaming Lips were actually a mighty fine Punk Rock band, and this is a mighty fine Punk Rock... read more

The Byrds – Draft Morning

Not only is this one of the finest protest songs ever writen but it’s also one of the finest Byrds songs as well, love... read more

Campag Velocet – Bon Chic Bon Genre

From 1999’s Bon Chic Bon Genre album, the title track is an excellent example of lo-fi  DIY music making. As punk as anything you’ll hear post 80s, Campag Velocet were seriously... read more

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