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Joni Mitchell – Court and Spark

I always listen to music on my iPhone whilst showering and find using the “Shuffle” feature a great way of being re-accustomed with songs I’ve not listened to in ages. This morning was no different as, in between Magnetic North’s “Warbeth” and Massive Attack’s “Three” it played Joni Mitchell’s wonderful title track to her 1974 album “Court and Spark”.  Gawd bless ya Joni and Shuffle... read more

The Byrds – Draft Morning

Not only is this one of the finest protest songs ever writen but it’s also one of the finest Byrds songs as well, love... read more

North Sea Radio Orchestra – Every Day Hath It’s Night

The 2nd outing on Music Bore for NSRO. This is an awesome ballad based on Alfred Lord Tennyson’s 19th century... read more

Anaïs Mitchell – Hadestown

Folk? Country? Both? Maybe, but fantastic whatever the... read more

Nanci Griffith – A Song For Remembered Heroes

Lovely song from Nanci’s There’s A Light Beyond These Woods... read more

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