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North Sea Radio Orchestra – Every Day Hath It’s Night

The 2nd outing on Music Bore for NSRO. This is an awesome ballad based on Alfred Lord Tennyson’s 19th century... read more

Aerial M – Dazed And Awake

Simple, serene and beautiful guitar layers. Debut album As Performed By Aerial M is a divine work and this track sums up the entire... read more

Wim Mertens – The Fosse

An unusual release for Factory Records but this track from Belgian harpist Wim Mertens sums up the brilliant album Educes Me. Fantastic haunting harmonies throughout... read more

North Sea Radio Orchestra – Berliner Luft

Classy stuff from London outfit NSRO. Checkout the album I A Moon for an excellent blend of folk, electronica and classical... read more