What Is Music Bore?

From cassette tape compilations in the 70s and 80s to social media in the present day – who doesn’t enjoy sharing their musical tastes with others? I love to bore people on Facebook with a current earworm or re-discovered classic!

Music Bore is an ever-evolving site with songs that I like. Take a listen and you just might find something you like too! Starting life as (until I cocked up on the domain renewal!) it now has a new lease of life at

I normally use YouTube to post tracks and occasionally the links go down. If you spot any posts that are dead please let me know and I’ll do my best to find a working link.

The easiest way to enjoy the site is by pressing the Pot Luck link in the menu (or button to the right), which will take you to a random track.

Want to join in? Send me your suggestions and if I like them they will be added.

Of course, some might find a new band/artist/song that they’ve been waiting all their life to discover…

David Allen
Music lover and bore, UK.