Temples – Shelter Song

The only thing I knew of Kettering prior to Temples releasing their debut album was Wicksteed Park – I’d been there as a kid in the 60s and remembered a few big slides and took my own kids there a few years back and it seemed to have grown in to a huge theme park! Maybe the park is the backdrop for Temples sound, probably not. When I first heard this song I expected them to be from Australia and was pleasantly surprised that the sound was from near to my birth town. Enjoy the Jingle... read more

The Flaming Lips – My Own Planet

In the days before they discovered their Yeah Yeah Yeah, Flaming Lips were actually a mighty fine Punk Rock band, and this is a mighty fine Punk Rock... read more

Joni Mitchell – Court and Spark

I always listen to music on my iPhone whilst showering and find using the “Shuffle” feature a great way of being re-accustomed with songs I’ve not listened to in ages. This morning was no different as, in between Magnetic North’s “Warbeth” and Massive Attack’s “Three” it played Joni Mitchell’s wonderful title track to her 1974 album “Court and Spark”.  Gawd bless ya Joni and Shuffle... read more

The Stranglers – Hanging Around

The Stranglers had it all; talent, attitude, timing and great songs. It’s hard to choose stand out tracks from their vast album output as there are so many but Hanging Around from their 1977 debut “Rattus Norvegicus” is definitely one.... read more

Funked Up World Volume 1 – October 2014

78 minutes of funk from around the world. 01 Ugo Fusco – Sveltissimo 02 Pierre-Alain Dahan & Slim Pezin – Electronic Mutation 03 The Cabildos – Barrio Bueno 04 Ludovic Decosne & Pierre Daubresse – Gloaming 05 Pierre-Alain Dahan – Rythmiques Nº 2 06 Roland Vincent – LSD Party 07 Fun Company – Zambezi Pts 1&2 08 Big Jullien & His All Star – Wake The Monster 09 Tonio Rubio – Red Medium 10 Chief Commander Ebenezer Obey & His International Brothers – Ajoyio 11 William Onyeabor – Better Change Your Mind 12 Larry Ellis & The Black Hammer – Funky Thing (Pt 1) 13 Black & White Affair – Funky Manuel 14 Matata – I Want You 15 Mono Mono – Kenimania 16 Manteca – Abacua 17 Turicoli – Battereologistica 18 Giuliano Sorgini – Wondering Man 19 Tunde Mabadu – Viva Disco 20 The Funkees – Acid Rock 21 Girolamo Ugolini – Ritorisione 22 Road Runners – No Names Will Be Called 23 Nico Gomez & His Afro Percussion Inc. –... read more

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