Jurassic 5 – Freedom

From their 2002 album “Power in Numbers” this track is a great example of J5’s superb combining of rap styles with choice cut breaks.... read more

Breaks Co-Op – The Otherside

Featuring Radio 1’s Zane Lowe, Breaks Co-Op never really got the “breaks” that they deserved. 2005 album “The Sound Inside” is a masterpiece in beats, harmony and sonic sex. Lead single “The Otherside” is almost anthemic and will bliss you... read more

Tuxedomoon – No Tears

This electro-punk sounding Tuxedomoon track was suggested by Garry Mansfield. Says Garry, “No Tears, 1978 Post-Punk classic. Tuxedomoon is an experimental, post-punk, new wave band from San Francisco, California.” I like this, a lot – nice one... read more

Air – J’ai Dormi Sous L’eau

From the 1997 mini-album “Premiers Symptomes”, Air create a soothing analogue soundscape with beats. Complete with vocoded vocals this is the ultimate chill.... read more

Velvet Hammer – Happy

Originally an unknown B side from 1977, Andre Williams’ group Velvet Hammer found a new lease of life in 2014 when namesake Pharrell Williams released a song of the same name (and some may say, similar style). The two songs were fused together in a video that “Northern Soul Girl” Levanna McLean produced, showing her dancing in her home town of Bristol. With the success of Pharrell’s release, both Levanna and Velvet Hammer were thrust into the public spotlight. Whatever the circumstances, the fact remains that “Happy” is a belting song and deserves all the listens it can get... read more

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