Sia – Soon We’ll Be Found

It’s not often that I prefer a live performance to a recorded version but Sia’s wonderful rendition of Soon We’ll Be Found on the Letterman show I can watch over and over. Check out her delightful reaction to DL’s praise at the end – show’s how much it really does mean to this very talented... read more

The Byrds – Draft Morning

Not only is this one of the finest protest songs ever writen but it’s also one of the finest Byrds songs as well, love... read more

A Sudden Sway – Don’t Go

From one of my favorite ‘hometown’ bands, this is the brilliant B-Side to their debut single ‘Jane’s Third... read more

Oscar Brown Jr – Dat Dere

A child like scat from 1961, this track is a fantastic sing along groover. Enjoy... read more

North Sea Radio Orchestra – Every Day Hath It’s Night

The 2nd outing on Music Bore for NSRO. This is an awesome ballad based on Alfred Lord Tennyson’s 19th century... read more

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