Your Suggestions

Got a gem you want to share? Expert in a particular style of music and want to share the love? Then why not post your own Music Bores below – as long as there is a YouTube video I can use then I will add all decent Suggestions and credit you with the heads up. Can’t say fairer than that then can I? Just reply below with your Suggestions – Just the artist and title with a brief note on why it should be included will do. Please don’t add a link, even to the YouTube video, as it will likely end up flagged as a spam comment.... read more

The Cure – Jumping Someone Else’s Train

Many early Cure singles could make it on to this site but ‘Jumping’ has always been a particular fave of mine. Sound defines a turning point in early 80s music for... read more

Killing Joke – The Wait

As debut albums go, Killing Joke’s eponymous 1980 album was a belter. With many great tracks, it’s hard to pick any one but The Wait is my stand out... read more